• Securosys


    We are a technology company dedicated to securing data and communications. We develop, produce, and distribute hardware, software and

  • vSport


    Sports Value Foundation (vSport) registered in Singapore aims to bring world class blockchain developers, sports elites and top finance

  • Holoflake


    The future is project-based. That’s why the world needs more do-ers that will shape the world of tomorrow. This

  • Gaia


    The future, not for the few Gaia is a genesis-event to re-appropriate the ideals of true decentralization and collaboration.

  • Skillchain


    Skillchain is the ultimate Protocol where universities, companies, and non-academic training companies meet to certify and guarantee your skills in

  • Digitouch


    We believe in unique ideas. We encourage thinking out of the box and prefer inspiring solutions. We inspire unique

  • Blockpass


    Blockpass is a blockchain identity protocol for the connected world – the Internet of Everything. The goal of Blockpass

  • Trustpay


    Founded in 2009, TrustPay is among the first financial institutions within the CEE region to provide secure e-commerce payments

  • Insurepal


    InsurePal is social proof insurance platform based on social proofing and decentralization and in a big extent self-regulating. A

  • Infinito Wallet


    Infinito Wallet is a multi-asset universal wallet. Hosting leading Cryptocurrency such as BTC,BCH,Dash,LTC and smart contract with their tokens

  • Abacus Financial Services Gibraltar


    Abacus is an independent and privately owned company based in Gibraltar established in 1974. We are leaders in the

  • BlockEx

  • Blocknet

  • MyShield

  • Rollcoin

  • IAME


    IAME is a blockchain company from Mauritius, the tropical island located off the eastern coast of Africa. The company

  • SKYFchain


    UNMANNED LOGISTICS WILL ELIMINATE LABOR COSTS AND SAVE UP TO 50% SKYFchain is the first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain based

  • Rivetz


    Rivetz offers a number of applications and a developer toolkit to enable a broad range of services from enhanced

  • IBM


    IBM is building a blockchain for business with world’s most innovative organizations. As a founding and premier member of

  • AI Innovation Japan


    AI Innovation Japan consists of excellent blockchain specialists to support the blockchain technology-related project and cryptocurrency business. We offer

  • Trueplay


    Trueplay is a transparent, fast and honest blockchain platform for creating and supporting gambling projects. Backed by industry leaders

  • Intellectsoft


    Intellectsoft is a full-cycle software engineering company that helps businesses worldwide to overcome gaps in digital transformation through innovation.

  • HelloGold Foundation


    HelloGold Foundation (HGF) is an organisation that has been set up with two primary objectives: 1. Accelerate the use

  • Collyer Bristow


    Collyer Bristow LLP is a London-based law firm providing a comprehensive range of advisory, transactional and litigation services to

  • Met Facilities


    Met Facilities is a leading provider of a comprehensive and flexible FCA regulatory hosting umbrella for funds, start-ups, fintechs and financial

  • eCoinomic


    eCoinomic is a fintech startup company with head office in London, UK and operational office in Tallinn, Estonia. The

  • GXS Foundation Ltd


    GXS is a company dedicated to providing data economy solutions. With two developed applications on their own public chain

  • New Alchemy


    New Alchemy is a strategy and technology advisory group specializing in tokenization on the blockchain. One of the only

  • Crypto Robotics


    CryptoRobotics is a freemium cross-platform desktop trading terminal for computers (macOS and Windows), tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows

  • W3Coin


    W3Coins makes earning income, tracking income, paying bills, making purchases and even transferring funds, effortless and accessible to everyone

  • Starflow


    Starflow is the one place that brings together consumers, creators and brands around any interest, passion or topic. Our mission:

  • Orbifold


    Orbifold.io is a new UK based company focused on creating an effective blockchain for the capital markets. Our vision



    RIDDLE&CODE is Europe’s leading company for blockchain interface solutions. Its hard- and software stacks enable companies to master the

  • Multiversum


    Multiversum: Here to Stay 4th generation blockchain technology, offering a decentralized solution with a set a crypto-validation and distribution techniques

  • Appics


    APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that runs on top of a blockchain and enables people

  • Etherisc


    Etherisc – decentralized insurance Etherisc’s mission is to build an open protocol for decentralized insurance applications, making the purchase

  • BitClave

    StandNo booth

    BitClave is the next generation of data privacy. We believe that your data is your own, and that you

  • Bitfury Group


    The Bitfury Group is the leading full-service blockchain technology company and one of the largest private infrastructure providers in

  • University of Nicosia


    The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is considered the global leader in Digital Currencies and Blockchain education. UNIC was the

  • NewsBTC


    Bio: NewsBTC is a news service that covers bitcoin news, technical analysis, forecasts for bitcoin and other altcoins, bitcoin

  • Coinschedule


    Founded in 2016, Coinschedule is one of the first and most established ICO portals in the world, making it

  • Codex


    Codex is the leading decentralized title registry for the $2 trillion arts & collectibles (“A&C”) ecosystem, which includes art,

  • dApp Builder


    dApp Builder is founded by iBuildApp Mobile App Builder and its executives and investors. Since launching in 2011, there

  • Nexus


    Nexus is an innovative open source blockchain technology, designed to better the world through advanced peer-to-peer networks and digital

  • IP Chain


    IPCHAIN is a project started by and for scientists and inventors with the aim of using distributed ledger technology

  • BGX


    BGX is a multifunctional processing platform powered by artificial intelligence for the mobile games mar-ket. With a diverse set

  • Spire


    In emerging markets, where people don’t own laptops or have bank accounts, access to cryptocurrency wallets — and the

  • The Quantum Resistant Ledger


    The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is a first blockchain of its kind – a future-proof post quantum value store

  • Xain


    XAIN AG provides industry solutions based on blockchain intelligence as a combination of blockchain technology and machine learning. The

  • Blocktrade


    Blocktrade.com is a high-performant, soon-to-be MiFID II regulated Crypto Assets Trading Facility. We are a fintech experienced team who

  • Gospel Technology


    Gospel Technology delivers the world’s first Enterprise Data Platform, utilising distributed ledgers (Blockchain) to allow timely, trusted access to

  • Matrix Space


    Matrix blockchain committed to building a self evolving block chain. The traditional block chain technology are limited by the

  • Blockchain Academy


    CapitalWave Inc.is a global financial training company, and an established leader of technology enabled simulation platforms.  Our training programs

  • ImpactPPA


    ImpactPPA is an Ethereum-based decentralized energy platform that will transform the global energy finance industry. ImpactPPA uses the power

  • Decred


    Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain. https://www.decred.org/

  • Spectiv


    Spectiv is the developer of the Signal Token Protocol, which enables advertisers to execute ad campaigns by directly rewarding

  • Shocard


    ShoCard is a digital identity and authentication platform built on a public blockchain data layer, using public/private key encryption and

  • ARNA Genomics


    ARNA project integrates blockchain and biotech in a synergetic combination. ARNA PANACEA blockchain will validate ARNA BC, proprietary breast

  • Centra Tech


    Centra Tech has developed platforms that connect world commerce and cryptocurrenicies. The Centra Card will make it convenient for

  • Coin Lion


    CoinLion – A digital currency exchange & portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the

  • Bottos


    Bottos is a decentralized network share protocol based on blockchain technology to realize the registration, distribution and transfer transaction

  • DMarket


    DMarket is a cross-game marketplace that enables gamers to trade any virtual item from any game on any platform.

  • Pocketinns


    The Pocketinns Umbrella Project is a revolutionary online marketplace ecosystem for buyers and sellers built around a decentralized blockchain-oriented

  • Shping


    Shping is a world’s first global product database that links data from a variety of trusted sources including brands, track and

  • RPay


    Rpay is a revolutionary mechanism to transact and pay for retail products, e-commerce and all other consumer and professional

  • TrustaBit


    TrustaBit uses blockchain technology with smart contracts to issue vouchers automatically to customers when their flights are delayed or

  • DreamTeam


    From the beginning of mankind, we’re living in endless competition. Its always about being faster, better, stronger. And today its

  • Crowd Machine


    Crowd Machine is a decentralized computational network that’s changing the blockchain apps market. It leverages the principles of strong

  • Gluon


    First Verified, Flagship ICO on the Stratis Platform. Gluon’s platform establishes a secure network of interconnected enterprises, consumers and

  • Stratis Platform


    Stratis is a flexible and powerful blockchain development platform designed for the needs of real-world business enterprises and organizations

  • Galaniprojects


    Galaniprojects supports large companies, digitizing their business models. Our 20 IT-experts manage long-term IT-Projects and take resposibility for digital

  • XcelTrip


    XcelTrip is built on idea that travel should be about seamless Experiences and Wonderful Memories not just travelling from

  • DXMarkets


    DXMarkets integrates blockchain technology into enterprise-based financial processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Our firm supports the finance function

  • Fintricity


    Fintricity Innovative Thinking, Agile Delivery Founded in 2001, Fintricity have been at the forefront of technology and digital transformation

  • Blockchain Lab


    Blockchain Lab comprises business and technical professionals jointly engaged in our blockchain technology practice. Other than the common core

  • CrossVerify


    CrossVerify is a Trust Utility using Biometrics and blockchain technology together for Security, AML, KYC, KYP, & KYB for

  • Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd.


    Globalstar is a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services. Globalstar offers these services to commercial customers

  • Marlink


    Satellite Communication Solutions for your IoT projects Marlink is the largest technology-independent satellite communications and hybrid network solutions provider

  • Software AG


    Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT is called “Light Years Ahead” by customers who now have freedom of choice in designing,

  • Cisco


    Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) enables people to make powerful connections –whether in business, education, philanthropy, or creativity.

  • Indiegogo – Arrow – IBM


    Originally launched as a crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo is the place for entrepreneurs to move their ideas quickly from concept

  • The Qt Company


    The Qt Company is responsible for Qt development, productization and licensing under commercial and open source licenses. The Qt

  • Itransition


    Since 1998,  Itransition helps large, medium-sized companies and startups deliver software that brings their ideas to life.  We render

  • Novotek


    Novotek helps its customers to control and optimise their production processes. We deliver Industrial IT and Automation solutions based

  • Express Logic


    We believe in simplicity and making embedded development as easy as possible. We also believe in making the fastest,

  • PodM2M


    PodM2M provides IoT connectivity, billing, and security in one platform. As part of Pod Group, we focus on helping

  • BICS


    BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as a top global Voice carrier and the leading provider of

  • Parallel AI


    Parallel AI is an Artificial Intelligence company specialising in Emergent Precognition with Ensemble Deep Learning. We help business make

  • Rutronik


    Founded in 1973 by Helmut Rudel in Ispringen (Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany), the company has developed from a “one-man-company” into one

  • The MULTOS Consortium


    MULTOS is the most robust, industry-backed operating system for smart cards and smart devices delivering high-security, simplicity and innovation



    For enterprises, systems integrators, and ISVs, VANTIQ provides an application platform-as-a-service (aPaaS) that enables the rapid development and deployment

  • Yotta


    Yotta is a leading Connected Asset Management software and services provider. We empower those responsible for the management of

  • IQRF Alliance


    IQRF Alliance is an international community of developers, manufactures, system integrators, sales professionals, research and innovation centers, technical high

  • Vemotion


    Vemotion are specialists in Wireless Video transmission, encoding and streaming live video over low bitrate networks such as wireless

  • EnSilica Ltd.


    EnSilica is one of the UK’s leading fabless design house focused on complete turn-key chip and systems design, development

  • Invisible Systems


    Invisible Systems are a dynamic and innovative company based in Cumbria that supply and design a wide range of

  • DevicePilot


    Deploying connected products? Manage them automatically and easily as you scale DevicePilot is a universal cloud-based software service allowing

  • Zuhlke Engineering


    Zuhlke Engineering works collaboratively with our clients to deliver bespoke software solutions and pioneering products. Our range of services

  • Zerynth


    Zerynth is the middleware for smart devices, IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. In other words, it is the “Android™

  • Vettery


    Vettery is fundamentally changing the way people hire and get hired. Vettery matches highly qualified candidates with over 4,000



    Smart, connected products can be anything anywhere. DELTA’s focus on specific application areas gives you a safe and fast

  • eXtremeDB


    McObject has provided database management system (DBMS) software for the Internet of Things since 2001.  The company’s eXtremeDB DBMS product

  • Review Display Systems Ltd.


    Review Display Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of Industrial flat panel display technologies such as TFT and Liquid

  • AAEON Europe


    Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms

  • Ilika


    Ilika plc (LON: IKA) is a pioneer in materials innovation and solid state battery technology. The company has been

  • Sightline


    Industry-Leading real-time IIoT Data Collection and Analytics. Sightline allows manufacturers to collect and store in real-time massive amounts of

  • Overlock


    Overlock allows you to discover exceptions and faults in your IoT system. Overlock gathers together exception information from all

  • Gateway Electronic Components


    Gateway partners with Siretta for IoT Tech Expo 2018 With headquarters in Nantwich, Cheshire, and comprising an industry-experienced team,

  • BSI


    BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit. We’re creating

  • clickworker


    clickworker is one of the leading providers of crowdsourcing services. The company offers individual solutions for the implementation of

  • Sims Recycling Solutions


    Sims Recycling Solutions (www.SimsRecycling.com) is the a leading provider of global IT asset disposal (ITAD) services. We have over

  • Progress DataRPM


    DataRPM, a Progress company, is a pioneer in cognitive technology and is on a mission to transform the future

  • Eastern Peak


    Founded in 2010, Eastern Peak is a custom software development company with headquarters in Israel and R&D offices in

  • STEP Technology


    STEP Technology Limited (STEP) is a young and creative Hong Kong based company involved in the emerging business arenas

  • Insight SiP


    Insight SiP is a fabless RF system-in-package (SiP) company. Insight SiP provides turn-key design services and creative packaging solutions.

  • Slightech Inc


    Based in Silicon Valley, Slightech works on artificial intelligence robot, smart wearables and connected home devices, striving to engineer

  • KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), LONDON


    Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) is not-for-profit South Korean government  organization. Its investment arm ‘Invest Korea’ (IK) supports the

  • 12M Technology


    Based in Istanbul, Turkey, 12M Technology offers a wide range of solutions from development to production in such areas

  • SEE.sr


    Since 1968, the French company SEE has been one of the major European key players in radio frequency technologies

  • Seek Thermal


    Seek Thermal engineers, designs and manufactures high quality thermal imaging products and core platforms for consumer, commercial, and heat

  • JRI


    JRI manufactures and develops recorders, sensors and monitoring systems for temperature, humidity and other physical parameters dedicated to the

  • Neousys Technology


    Established in 2010, Neousys Technology Inc. designs and manufactures rugged embedded platforms and modules. With core expertise ranging from

  • Vivasoft


    Vivasoft is the developer of the world’s most cost effective and technically advanced iBeacons Gateway. VSG is an integral

  • iBasis


    iBasis Global Access for Things is a global mobile connectivity and network level data analysis solution for things worldwide.

  • Energomonitor


    Energomonitor’s mission is to provide a complete energy management product, a complex combination of hardware and software. It provides

  • Iristel


    “Founded in 1999, Iristel has grown from a VoIP wholesaler to a global provider of communication services. Connecting Canada

  • BeanAir GmbH


    Recent developments in sensor technology, especially when wireless technology is considered, have opened up new gates in terms of

  • Amplified Engineering


    Amplified Engineering designs and develops a range of industrially LTE 4G and 3G cellular gateways and routers. Our boxes are

  • Solace


    Solace powers the most demanding Internet of Things applications with open-standard middleware that reliably moves massive amounts of information

  • Lead Forensics


    Lead Forensics can identify your anonymous website visitors that don’t enquire, turning them into actionable leads – in real time!

  • Talkin’​ Things


    Talkin’ Things is the leader in delivering smart packaging solutions for IoT. We are the first company in the

  • Advantech


    Founded in 1983, Advantech is a leader in providing trusted, innovative products, services, and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system

  • GlobalSign


    GlobalSign is the leading provider of trusted identity and security solutions enabling businesses, large enterprises, cloud service providers and

  • CSL DualCom Group Ltd.


    Our solutions, platform and partnerships with Mobile Network Operators across Europe allow us to provide complete end-to-end connectivity solutions

  • WolkAbout


    WolkAbout is aimed at empowering the development of IoT solutions that are transforming companies & industries, and opening up

  • MyOxygen


    MyOxygen are an award winning app development company in Bristol. We work with enterprises across multiple sectors including Health,

  • See.Sense

    StandStart-Up Zone

    See.Sense is a cycling technology and data company that helps make cycling safer and cities smarter.  It’s patented, connected products

  • AuraTech

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    AuraTech innovate and engineer remote robotic solutions for industry. From concept to execution we deliver disruptive technologies to radically improve

  • Dovetailed

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    Whether you are making a simple meal for the family, or hosting a dinner party for friends, the nūfood

  • Horus

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    Horus has developed a predictive monitoring platform to prevent expensive machine failures in plant and Heating ventilation and air conditioning

  • Embever

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    Embever has developed an energy efficient cloud-to-device-communication service for low-power IoT devices. “Embever Core” is a cloud-based middleware designed for

  • Concept 13

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    Concept13: Consultancy, supply and configure the very best sensors, gateways and networks to accelerate IoT projects.  Everything from one company,

  • Swytch

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    Swytch are on a mission to make electric transport more affordable for everyone in the world so that it becomes

  • Trik

    StandStart-Up Innovation Incubator

    We use advance photogrammetry for automatic 3D modelling. Together with our customised 4D data management system, TRIK automatically turns

  • Quealth


    Quealth www.quealth.co is the most accurate health improvement app available – it quantifies your health, coaches you to make

  • IoT Tech News


    IoT Tech News is a practical resource providing news, analysis and opinion on the burgeoning Internet of Things ecosystem,

  • Wearable Tech


    WearableTech is a site dedicated to providing the latest news, analysis and opinion on wearable technology, one of the

  • L3C LTD


    L3C specialise in Cloud and Hosting services, whether for legacy AIX/Unix based applications and databases or leading edge Linux

  • Sinequa


    Sinequa is an independent software vendor providing a cognitive search and analytics platform for Global 2000 companies and government

  • Prosper Systems


    Prosper Systems is the primary subsidiary of The SenLab Group. Prosper Systems is the creator of Prosper BI. Prosper

  • AI Startup Incubator


    Established in Prague in 2017, AI Startup Incubator is the only impact-focused AI incubator in Europe. It seeks to

  • Diffblue


    Diffblue is creating a world where a computer understands its own programming, and is able to adjust and upgrade

  • Irida Labs


    Irida Labs is bridging the gap between a camera and a human eye by bringing visual perception to any

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