Day 2 - 1 December 2023



Chairpersons Welcome: DeFi and TradFi

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Unlocking Value: Exploring the Tokenization of Real World Assets in the Digital Age

  • Discover how tokenization redefines ownership, liquidity, and accessibility, creating a bridge between tangible real world assets and the dynamic realm of digital finance. 
  • Uncover the potential for diversified portfolios, reduced barriers to entry, and increased market transparency, enabling a new era of financial empowerment. 
  • How to navigate the implications of tokenization on traditional finance and innovative ecosystems like DeFi?  



Keynote Presentation: Creating Digital Economies: DeFi as Means of Value Exchange

  • Examining the role of cryptocurrencies in the development of digital economies (within gaming ecosystems). 
  • Discussing how blockchain-based tokens can be used as a medium of exchange for in-game goods, services, and experiences, fostering vibrant virtual economies. 
  • Exploring the potential for player-driven economies, where players can earn, trade, and monetize their virtual assets using cryptocurrencies. 



Presentation: Cross Chain Innovation Unleashed – Bridging the Crypto Ecosystem

From enhancing scalability and security to fostering collaboration, discover how cross chain innovations are revolutionizing the blockchain landscape and shaping the future of digital ecosystems. 


Networking Break



Stefania Barbaglio

Business Woman and Impact Leader

Cassiopeia Services

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Mark Sage

Executive Director

AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)

Associated Talks:

11:50AM - Day 2

View Panel: Crypto Renaissance: How Web3 and the Metaverse Are Reshaping Traditional Finance

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Panel: Crypto Renaissance: How Web3 and the Metaverse Are Reshaping Traditional Finance

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the dynamic intersection of Web3 and the metaverse with the established world of traditional finance. Discover how these transformative forces are revolutionizing financial paradigms, redefining ownership, and amplifying financial inclusivity.  

  • Delve into the implications of direct peer-to-peer transactions, novel digital assets, and the potential for borderless financial inclusion. 
  • Engage with experts as they share insights into the creation of virtual economies, tokenized assets, and innovative investment avenues poised to redefine the landscape. 
  • Conversation on regulatory considerations, transformative opportunities, and the future where technology, finance, and virtual experiences intertwine.  
Moderator: . Stefania Barbaglio, Business Woman and Impact Leader, Cassiopeia Services
. Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)



Presentation: Building the Future of Decentralized Economies

  • Discussing advances in decentralised exchanges (DEXs) and the role of automated market makers (AMMs) as growth catalysts.  
  • Expansion of crypto exchanges – addressing diversification issues.  



Presentation: Stablecoins – Real-World Applications

  • What role do stablecoins play in the crypto economy?  
  • Where is the stablecoin market heading in 2024? 
  • Is legislative action needed for the future of stablecoins? 


Networking Break



Panel: Navigating the Storm – Striking the Regulatory Balance in the Wild West of DeFi

  • Examining the regulatory challenges and opportunities posed by the decentralized nature of DeFi.  
  • Discussing the need for regulatory frameworks that promote innovation, consumer protection, and financial stability in the DeFi space.  
  • Exploring the potential collaboration between regulators, industry stakeholders, and DeFi projects to establish effective and balanced regulatory approaches. 



Presentation: A Conversation on Interoperability and Scalability

To follow soon …



Presentation: Digital Identity- Empowering Individuals in a Connected World

To follow soon…



Presentation: Rewards and Incentives – Gamifying the Crypto Experience

  • Highlighting the gamification aspects of incorporating cryptocurrencies and tokenized rewards in gaming. 
  • Exploring how blockchain-based rewards systems can incentivize player engagement, loyalty, and skill progression. 
  • Discussing innovative reward mechanisms such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn models, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that empower players and enhance their gaming experience. 


End of Day