Day 2 - 1 December 2023



Chairpersons Welcome: Governance and DLTs

Chairpersons welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Data Governance – A Mutually-Beneficial and Cooperative Endeavour

  • Features and attributes of blockchain technology aligning with data governance  
  • Immersive data requires immersive technology – data governance for business optimisation.  
  • What trade-offs should be considered?   



Keynote Presentation: What’s in Store for Enterprise Blockchain in 2024

  • Projects to keep an eye on in the next 12 months.  
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Are the technology and the industry able to handle transactions of ownership?  
  • Surprise successes and unexpected failures – what are the takeaways from this year so far?  



Panel: Building Better – Blockchain Technologies for More Sustainable Business

  • Discover how blockchain’s transparency and traceability are reshaping consumer expectations and driving enterprises to adopt eco-conscious practices from the very beginning to the end of a product’s life.   
  • Explore the transformative power of blockchain beyond technology, as it acts as a catalyst for fostering positive behaviours and ethical decision-making within enterprises.   
  • Sharing actionable insights on how businesses, consumers, and communities can leverage blockchain to support green initiatives, reduce waste, and ensure responsible consumption, creating a harmonious relationship between technology and the environment. 


Networking Break



Presentation: Streamlining International Trade – Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency

  • How can blockchain technology help streamline international trade processes?  
  • Blockchain as a tool for effective and enhanced internal processes.  
  • Highlighting real-world use cases of blockchain-based platforms and consortia that have successfully transformed value chains and facilitated seamless cross-border trade. 



Presentation: DLTs Driving Data Management

  • How to improve Data Integrity with Enterprise Blockchain?  
  • Blockchain transparency as a powerful asset tracking and provenance tool.   



Presentation: Sustainable Blockchain – The Next Phase of Society

  • Moving to proof-of-stake – the reality of technological infrastructure change.  
  • Positive externalities and impact. 
  • Economic crises and the role of emerging technologies in business optimization.  


Networking Break



Panel: Blockchain Unchained: Driving Enterprise Growth Through Innovation

  • A look at enterprise expansion through the lens of blockchain utility.  
  • Macro and Micro initiatives in the blockchain space.  
  • Is there a ceiling to blockchain expansion? 
  • A look at privacy, security, and integration of enterprise blockchains 



Presentation: Blockchain Interoperability

To follow soon …



Presentation: Strengthening Your Competitive Advantage with the Right Blockchain

  • Blockchain as a service (BaaS) – Understanding the scope and building trust in Blockchain. 
  • Data Observability and Decision Intelligence. 
  • Overview of effective use-cases from across industries. 


End of Day