On-Demand Session Recordings

A selection of recordings from the North America 2023 event are now available to watch on-demand through the TechHub & Content Library! Get front-row access anytime, anywhere: access a selection of recordings from the live sessions at TechEx Events in Santa Clara, Amsterdam and London. Plus on-demand webinars from our sister company, TechForge Media.

Presentation: Blockchain in Enterprise

Tejas Chopra is an Engineering Leader at Netflix working on building solutions for Netflix Studios in the Cloud. He is a TedX and an International keynote speaker and shares his experience on Cloud Computing, Engineering Leadership, Blockchain, Metaverse, etc.

He has more than a decade of experience architecting backend software at companies such as Box, Apple, Samsung, Cadence.

Watch his presentation exploring Blockchain in Enterprise!


Panel: Building Better – Blockchain Technologies for More Sustainable Business

  • From Start to Finish – responsible resourcing and recycling.
  • Using blockchain technologies to create positive behaviours in an enterprise.
  • What can we all be doing to ensure we are using blockchain to optimise sustainable practices?
Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 11 28 05 Panel Building Better – Blockchain Technologies For More Sustainable Business

Panel: The Future of Money – How Digital Currencies and CBDCs Are Transforming the Global Financial System

  • The potential impact of digital currencies on the banking sector and financial intermediation.
  • CBDCs vs Digital assets – Comparing the benefits and drawbacks of different types of digital currencies.
  • How digital currencies could affect international trade, and cross-border payments, and improve financial inclusion?
Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 11 28 17 Panel The Future Of Money – How Digital Currencies And CBDCs Are Transforming The Global Financial System

Panel: Web3 and the Metaverse – A New Era of Digital Innovation

  • What have we learnt so far in the world of decentralized and immersive technologies?
  • What opportunities and challenges lie at the intersection of Web3 and the Metaverse?
  • How will Web3 change the way we experience the digital world and is there a ceiling to its expansion?
  • Exploring new business models and revenue streams.
Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 11 28 27 Panel Web3 And The Metaverse – A New Era Of Digital Innovation

Panel: A Tidal Wave of Disruption – Connecting New Technologies Within a Blockchain Context

  • AI and Blockchain: the complexities of the trade-off between efficiency and functionality
  • The prosperous partnership of IoT and Blockchain – what does the future look like?
  • How does 5G complement blockchain in the process of market expansion?
  • The evolution of Web3 technologies and enterprise blockchains.


Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 11 28 37 Panel A Tidal Wave Of Disruption – Connecting New Technologies Within A Blockchain Context

Presentation: Tokenising Carbon Credit in Latin America

Alex Nascimento, MA, MBA is a serial entrepreneur and founding partner of 7CC Blockchain Investments and 7Visions LATAM Digital. He is also a professor and co-founder of Blockchain at UCLA, where he teaches about Blockchain Business Applications and Security Tokens. In addition, Alex is the bestselling author of The STO Financial Revolution, a book that reveals regulated and compatible fundraising via Blockchain. Alex earned his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and developed training, marketing and blockchain strategies for companies in the United States, EU, Latin America and Asia.

Watch his presentation as he delves into tokenising carbon credit in Latin America!

Screenshot 2023 06 07 At 11 28 48 Presentation Tokenising Carbon Credit In Latin America