Stand No: 58

Car commuting is one of the largest single-action polluters globally. Up to 70% of EU and up to 80% of US citizens choose cars as their primary means of transport when commuting. Daily car commuting by combustion engine is responsible 5% of global CO₂ emissions.

It is Codos’ mission to motivate people all around the world to change their commuting patterns away from regular combustion engine cars and towards environmentally friendly modes of transportation that have an immediate and measurable CO₂ avoidance effect.

Codos incentivizes people by rewarding every sustainable commute with new Codos tokens. The Codos App uses machine learning and AI to automatically detect the mode of transportation that is being used for every commute in a highly privacy- preserving way.

The Codos App then calculates the amount of CO₂ avoidance by your choice of sustainable transportation. Since every commute counts towards a meaningful change for our planet, each sustainable commute will be rewarded with new Codos tokens.