Stuarts Humphries
Stand No: 118

Stuarts Humphries is a leading offshore law firm in the Cayman Islands offering fully integrated corporate and commercial advice from a team of experienced, award-winning attorneys. Our firm has a dedicated Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets team in place that can help you navigate the complexities of Fintech with ease and clarity;  advising on how to best structure your digital asset to maximise results. Whether it’s cryptocurrencies, investment funds, ICO’s, exchanges, DAO’s, company incorporations or regulatory issues, Stuarts’ have the expertise and experience to guide you toward success.

Stuarts’ proven track-record in advising international law firms, Fortune500 companies, investment managers, and high-net-worth individuals is a result of the deep understanding of our markets and of Cayman Islands law.

The Cayman Islands offer many benefits to companies in the digital asset space including tax neutrality, expedited work permits, experienced service providers, and a safe and sophisticated regulatory environment. If you would like to know more about setting up a digital asset company in the Cayman Islands or need legal advice on your digital entity, get in touch with us today at info@stuartslaw.com or visit our website at www.stuartslaw.com.