MetaXSeed Games
Stand No: 52

Ground breaking decentralized games studio / layer1 aiming to disrupt the $500 billion gaming industry by combining the very best of both Web2 & Web3 industry. Launching a library of over 30+  games of all genres (PC / Mobile), social onboarding and sustainable proven revenue models.  Creating powerful player engagement and incentive models by connecting gamers to businesses using blockchain, NFTs & AI. Targeting 3 billion non-Web3 gamers by providing an easy two click login system with automatic creation of gaming wallets. All games / products are interconnected and reward players for participation. To maximise the player base traction, games are based on the top classics of all time such as Call of Duty, Mario Bros, Space Invaders, Fall Guys, Championship Manager, Dynasty Warriors, Need for Speed and many more. All games are playable and accessible via Google Play or our own launcher, MetaXSeed Play. Other products in test net include an EVM layer 1 blockchain, NFT marketplace and a B2B shopping platform. Entire ecosystem is powered by the $XSEED token due to launch in early 2024. To participate in private rounds, please contact contact@metaxseed.io