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    Day 2


  • Increasing coordination between actors leads to better outcomes, especially when coordination is not only local. 
  • This is especially true for the mobility sector, which could profit hugely if fused with other sectors like energy or infrastructure. 
  • If machines are to participate, digital platforms are needed to achieve this. 
  • With the need for platforms, the “eternal” question arises: who controls the platform, one company or the collective stakeholder? 
  • If the latter is the goal, Blockchain governance and technologies are an important building block. 

Associated Speakers:

Nik Scharmann

Co-lead Web3 Program/ Member of Advisory Board

Bosch/ Catena-X Automotive Network e.V.

Associated Talks:

03:00PM - Day 2

View Presentation: Data Spaces – Where Old School and Crypto Meet to Create a European Digital Economy

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