Jannah Patchay is a financial markets expert with over two decades of experience, specialising in financial markets innovation, and in helping firms to define, develop and execute their commercial strategies in a highly regulated environment. Over the years she has provided advisory, consulting, and delivery services to a wide cross-section of market participants including exchanges, tier-1 investment banks, brokers, funds, and start-up businesses. Today, Jannah holds positions with several organisations that are helping to drive the UK’s regulatory agenda with respect to CBDC, stablecoins, digital assets, and decentralised finance. She is an Originating Member and Policy Lead for the Digital Pound Foundation, a member of the Whitechapel Think Tank and an active contributor to its Future of Payments Working Group, and a member of the steering committee for Global Blockchain Convergence. She is also a co-host of the Financial Markets Insights podcast and writes on financial and technology innovation for Best Execution magazine and other publications.