Asia Token Fund

Asia’s leading #Blockchain & #Crypto media aggregator, gathering news, education, events, and the latest updates about Blockchain, Crypto, Defi, NFT, Metaverse, Web3 | Block Asia Labs – Web3 Solutions AsiaTokenFund is a leading blockchain & cryptocurrency media aggregator in Southeast Asia founded in 2016 formerly known as Block Asia. We are an advisory & accelerator for FinTech & Blockchain companies specifically focusing on growth through community, PR, media & marketing. AsiaTokenFund Groups also invest in various projects especially in the field of media and news aggregators so as to better contribute timely and latest information to the community. Over the years, AsiaTokenFund Group has worked with over 50+ blockchain & Fintech projects in Advisory & accelerator roles. AsiaTokenFund Group has run over 60+ roadshows and events and more in events partnerships.