Day 1 - 11 May 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome – An Introduction to Tokenization



NFTs – the Story So Far

  • From ETH Rocks to Beeple’s $7mill deal – mapping NFTs journey to success
  • Crypto-collectables – when and how should a corporation mint their own token?
  • Is there anything that can’t be tokenized? 
  • Who benefits? Use cases from different industries 



The New Kid on the Block: Tokenized Real Estate

  • An investor’s perspective – the trade off between physical and virtual real estate 
  • Fractionalized Investments and the power to buy  
  • Increased liquidity and fluidity of the market – what can we expect in the future of real estate? 



It’s mine! – Can we make better use of tokenization to prove ownership?

  • Tokenization in the creator economy – liscensing, copyrighting and patenting  
  • Moving to other industries – the tokenization of ideas? Or consent? 
  • Trusting the blockchain despite the press  



Keynote Panel: The Metaverse

  • How do we currently understand online existence?  
  • The scope of possibility – what types of Metaverse are in development, and which is most likely to dominate future markets? 
  • Security, Tokenization, Privacy: Blockchain’s usefulness in the Metaverse 
  • Is it all good? Where might virtual existence have its downfalls? 



Flying High: The World of Luxury Goods

  • Fashion, Art and Real Estate: tokenization in its prime?  
  • Metaverse partnerships and opportunities for luxury vendors 
  • Does increased collaboration between competitors using the blockchain strengthen the luxury good market? 


Networking Break



Persuading Wall Street: increasing mainstream support for Tokenized Assets

  • What are the pitfalls that deter financial institutions from announcing support for tokenized assets? 
  • Increasing use case coverage – comparing each blockchain for their asset support capabilities
  • The firm hand of the press – will we see a more favourable reflection of tokenization in 2022?



Panel: Tokenization for Social Good

  • Dalai Lama and his NFT – Auctioning Tokens for Charity 
  • Tokenized Carbon Credits; can we change the way corporations interact with the environment?  
  • Incentive mechanisms and using provenance tracking to encourage good corporate practice



Proving provenance: the possibilities of evidencing originality

  • Where will we see efficiency gains from blockchain provenance?  
  • Cancelling counterfeits: will any industries suffer? 
  • Regulatory catch up – will the courts recognise blockchain provenance? 


End of Day 1