Day 2 - 6 October 2022



P.Y. Nicole Chang

Co-Founder & CEO

C.F. Global Enterprises

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Private: Chairperson’s Welcome: Introduction to Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets

Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks.

. P.Y. Nicole Chang, Co-Founder & CEO, C.F. Global Enterprises



Private: Presentation: Blockchain adoption and opportunities in Banking

  • Main Blockchain applications and use cases in banking 
  • Blockchain market potential 
  • Emerging opportunities for Banks, Fintechs, and entrepreneurs 



Prasanth Kalangi

Founder & CEO

RealTo Group

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Carlos Duque

Corporate Attorney

Bailey & Glasser, LLP

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Private: Presentation: Security Tokenization going Mainstream

  • What is Security Tokenization
  • Institutional adoption & legal considerations
  • Blockchains supporting the space
  • Use Cases
. Prasanth Kalangi, Founder & CEO, RealTo Group
. Carlos Duque, Corporate Attorney, Bailey & Glasser, LLP



Branden Hutton


Sharity Technology

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Private: Presentation: Crypto Philanthropy: Giving Back While Building Global Awareness

  • Learn about Sharity Technology, a company specializing in the development of quality, user-friendly web 3 technology platforms.
  • Sharity’s Gift, a cryptocurrency donation platform that allows users to donate crypto globally.
  • Connecting the world by creating innovative crypto-based platforms.
. Branden Hutton, CEO, Sharity Technology



Benjamin Beltzer

Director of Engineering


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Private: Presentation: The Benefits of IDV in crypto

  • How document identity verification can increase conversions and improve the customer experience. 
  • The importance of instant and automated identity verification to deter fraudsters. 
  • The ways crypto companies can leverage the identity data that Berbix verifies for use in their downstream flows. 
. Benjamin Beltzer, Director of Engineering, Berbix


Networking Break



David Palmer

Blockchain Lead

Vodafone Business

Associated Talks:

10:15AM - Day 1

View Presentation: Metaverse – The New Future of Work?

11:15AM - Day 1

View Panel: Web3 and the Metaverse – A New Era of Digital Innovation

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Private: Presentation: The Keys to Web3 and the Metaverse

  • The evolution of ‘big business’ enterprise and blockchain and the key enablers to scale including; self-sovereign digital identity, and mobile phone identity as part of the a new interoperability framework for the metaverse. 
. David Palmer, Blockchain Lead, Vodafone Business



Alex Van Hulle

Chief Technology Officer

Redlight Finance

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Private: Keynote Presentation: Innovation in Blockchain Technologies

  • Solving the trilemma
  • Bridging the gap between traditional and decentralised finance
. Alex Van Hulle, Chief Technology Officer , Redlight Finance



Narek Mnatsakanian


Equitable Growth Opportunity LLC

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Private: Presentation: The Power of No

  • Using the word No to your advantage
  • Innovation of the crypto space
  • The future of defi/cryptocurrency as a whole
. Narek Mnatsakanian, CEO, Equitable Growth Opportunity LLC



Benjamin Hill

Founder & CEO


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Private: Presentation: How to onboard the next billion web3 users by connecting people, brands and causes

  • How Shareity is leveraging the power of social influence and brand advertising to solve the world’s biggest problems 
. Benjamin Hill, Founder & CEO, Shareity


Networking Break


Tokenization & Digital Solutions


End of Day