Day 1

28 November 2018


ICOs & Cryptofinance Strategies: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


Keynote: Examining the Opportunity to Create New Global Financial Integration

  • Creating a new exchange economy with tokens
  • How the market is evolving – key issues, and delivering on promise
  • Where is the market going, and how to build trust on a global scale?
  • The transition to building legitimacy with traditional financial systems


Initial Coin Offerings – An Introduction and Future Proofing

  • The start of the ICO revolution
  • Challenges and solutions to go from raising traditional funding from a bank or investors to a company that sells tokens to its customers
  • 64 ICOs took place in 2016, how to make sure you are ship shape
  • ICOs pathways and preparation tools
  • Regulators measured approach to token sales and future plans


Investors Roundtable – How to Approach Crypto and ICO Investment

Hear discussions and advise from an experts in the field


Panel: Understanding the Market Dynamics for ICO’s Token Sales and Crowd Funding

  • Self-Regulation in Crypto financing
  • Tools for a token sale
  • Crowdfunding vs ICOs – risks and challenges
  • Liquidity in digital tokens – how these are traded for other digital currencies, and then into fiat currency through a digital exchange.


Networking Break


Case Study: Brandshield


Case Study: Post ICO – What Now?


Institutional Evolution into Crypto space


Roundtable Discussion: Regulation and Litigation Involving ICOs and Cryptofinance

  • Regulatory implications on ICOs and Cryptocurrencies
  • Litigation cases
  • Security law compliance
  • Drafting your own SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)


Networking Lunch


Afternoon Keynote: Examining the Current State of Cryptocurrencies, and the Rise of the Internet of Money

  • How cryptocurrencies and blockchain are creating a new funding source for this innovation in the form of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).
  • How will this grow the next wave of innovation.
  • Money is being made programmable.


Panel: The Rise of Crypto Capitalism – The Changing Role of VCs vs. ICOs

  • What do investors look for in an ICO?
  • Where, how and what outlets to use to promote your ICO?
  • Shaping the information to attract high calibre investors
  • Examining the difference in ‘terms’ and relationships between VC and ICO
  • Challenging the VC model and new environments where VC’s compete with Hedge funds.
  • VCs starting to tokenise


Examining the ICO Market in Asia

  • Encrypt Coins- Buy Side & Sell Side
  • Blockchain: Sky Ledger, an advanced technology
  • Digital Assets management platform – Supper Wallet
  • ICO Case Study – Sun Coin, MZ Coin & Social Coin
  • China & Asia is the Future


Networking Break


Case Study 2


Effects of Quantum Computing on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain


Case Study 3


Panel: The Future of Crypto Finance

  • The potential of crypto currencies in corporate finance
  • Will regulation and taxation involving cryptocurrencies affect their potential?
  • Will cryptocurrencies help prevent terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud and tax evasion or promote it?
  • Will cryptocurrency exchange be successful worldwide? Issues with international exchange


Networking Break




Session Close