Day 2 - 14 November 2019

Fintech, Securities & Regulation

This track explores the use for Blockchain in the Financial Services industry, hearing advice and insight from bankers, insurers, and businesses overhauling their finance systems. It will delve into blockchain solutions within the financial services and the struggles banks are having with security and regulation. We will also dip into the Crypto world looking at the tighter regulations emerging and the rise of the STO. Will using blockchain technology in the financial capital markets to build a new infrastructure have benefits that outweigh the risks? Hear from the experts in these fields on their view of the marketplace.


Fintech, Securities & Regulation: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

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Distributed Ledger Technology: Turning Theory into Practice

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Blockchain and insurance

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Morning Keynote: Blockchain – turning the financial world on it’s head

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Networking Break


Panel: Maximising the potential of blockchain for finance systems

  • Identifying applications: what problems can blockchain technology realistically solve?
  • Building partnerships: how can FinTechs and other businesses drive innovation together?
  • When can we realistically hope to see widespread adoption of blockchain technology in financial systems?
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Crypto securities & regulation

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How blockchain can help USA regulators

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Networking Break


Panel: Blockchain and the evolution of investment

  • Looking to the future of equity markets – how will asset management change?
  • Tokenisation of assets – The changing behaviour of investors
  • Opening up to a new marketplace of millennials
  • Do we actually need the intermediaries?
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Blockchain for Securities Trading

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Afternoon Keynote: The future of regulation

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Panel: Crypto and blockchain – Threat or opportunity for financial services?

  • Traditional banking methods – Current dependence on centralized service providers or entities.
  • Pros & cons of Decentralized Financial System. Barriers & regulation.
  • Timeline of the movement. The extent & limitations on the inclusion of blockchain, crypto asset, & currencies.
  • How blockchain can innovate FINTECH products & services for growth, increasing effectiveness in fraud detection & pricing, & reducing admin costs.
  • Advantages of security, borderless transaction settlement, efficient payment clearance, secondary Market Trading & Clearing, Primary Market Issuance, & IPOs.
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