Day 2 - 12 May 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome – An Introduction to Digital Assets



The Age Old Debate – Which Coin Will Win?

  • Recognising prosperity – what are the indicators of a strong blockchain?  
  • What can lessons have we learnt from the last decade of cryptocurrency?  
  • Macro-considerations – scalability, sustainability, and scope  



Keynote: The Future of Digital Currency

  • Mapping the Growth of Digitalised Currency – Identifying Indicators of Progress 
  • What are the aims for digitalised currency in 2022-2025? 
  • The Art of Persuasion – how to bring round the critics and move closer to ubiquitous adoption 
  • Starting up and settling in – what is the advice for new innovators in the field? 



Keynote Panel: DeFi 2.0

  • Smart contracts for financial accessibility – what are the user benefits of decentralised finance?
  • What improvements will we see with DeFi 2.0? 
  • Footprint analytics – what types of DeFi projects are looking to dominate the market share in the coming year?  



Adoption and Optimization of CBDCs

  • Britcoin or Shitcoin – Why are some rich countries hesitant to adopt Central Bank Digital Currencies? 
  • On-boarding problems – what infrastructural adjustments are required to adopt a CBDC? 
  • Wholesale, or retail, or both?  
  • Use cases – what can we learn from countries who already have CBDCs? 


Networking Break



Giving AltCoins the Spotlight

  • AltCoins – a dated name?  
  • The ease of coin creation and the potential consequences of market saturation
  • How to recognise a good investment




Panel: The Absence of Regulation in the Digital Assets Landscape

  • The progress so far – why are regulatory bodies nervous to approach the crypto world? 
  • Future potentials of a governed space – how would better regulation enhance capabilities of digital asset companies? 
  • Fiscal policy and a growing crypto economy – the pros and cons of taxing crypto-assets 



The Exchange Game: Who To Trust?

  • In line with current digital assets trends, which exchange functions are likely to become more popular this year?
  • DEX’s – an autonomous utopia or the wild west?
  • Making Crypto Accessible – how essential is platform usability, and should there be more emphasis on education?



Pushing Bitcoin Further into the Mainstream

  • Will we see more major companies adopting BitCoin as a legal tender? 
  • How can retail banks keep up?  
  • Health and Safety – Is there increased security risk in cutting out intermediaries?  



‘DeFi is the most dangerous part of the crypto world,’ Senator Elizabeth Warren

  • Securing the Space – reducing the opportunity for hacks 
  • Analysing the trade-off between removing the middleman and risk liability 
  • Will crypto ever be fully accepted by legal institutions?  



Let’s Talk About Going Public

  • Working up to ICO/IDO – the checklist for new ideas? 
  • How to attract attention and win over the market  
  • Siezing the moment – post-ICO/IDO strategy 


End of Day 2