Day 2 - 5 November 2020


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Sir John Hargrave


Media Shower

Associated Talks:

10:30AM - Day 2

View Crypto & Digital Assets: Chairs Opening Remarks

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Crypto & Digital Assets: Chairs Opening Remarks

Crypto & digital asset investment track welcome & opening remarks

. Sir John Hargrave, CEO, Media Shower


Keynote: What will be the tipping point for crypto going mainstream?

  • Why Libra wasn’t such a bad idea; Who can take this concept forward from a position of trust? 
  • Looking at how blockchain is improving the end-to-end payments journey for customers. 
  • How tokenisation and innovation is changing investment as we know it. 


Presentation: The future of European regulation of crypto assets

  • Parliament taking their time; Should we be self-regulating as a community? 
  • Could the economic downturn speed things up again? 
  • Why regulation can only be a positive thing for the industry. 


John Henry Clippinger

Executive Director & CEO | Co-Founder | Advisor

Token Commons Foundation | TokenMaster | Atonomi | MIT Media Lab + more

Associated Talks:

11:35AM - Day 2

View Presentation: Blockchain for sustainability – Tokenisation for the environment

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Presentation: Blockchain for sustainability – Tokenisation for the environment

  • How tokenisation is delivering blockchain’s potential for environmental sustainability.  
  • Exploring amazing use case where blockchain is already helping streamline supply chain, distribute energy, stop deforestation. 
  • How you can tokenise to allow for easy redistribution of resources; Lessons learned from the Coronavirus
. John Henry Clippinger, Executive Director & CEO | Co-Founder | Advisor, Token Commons Foundation | TokenMaster | Atonomi | MIT Media Lab + more


Presentation: Crypto going mainstream: How can we keep our digital assets safe?

  • Looking at the new payment systems that allow for true decentralisation. 
  • Step by step guide to crypto security best practice. 
  • Looking at how to get away from lengthy encryption keys? 


Panel: The token revolution: The tokenisation of digital assets

  • What can be tokenised, how can it be tokenised, and what are the benefits? 
  • Investigating how regulation has and will change the perception of tokens. 
  • A look at real life use cases where tokenisation has been successfully used. 
  • Exploring industry trends and what to look out for over the next year. 


Networking Break


Keynote: The tokenisation of Fiat $ € ¥ £

  • Fiat stablecoin; The project everyone has been working on behind the scenes. 
  • Looking at European central banks’ movements towards a new financial marketplace. 
  • What would this mean for mainstream fiat? 


Presentation: Blockchain and co-opetition – Lessons from KYC in banking

  • Exploring how blockchain can help companies to reduce risks of cooperative competition by predefining and enforcing the respective ecosystem rules of engagement on-chain.  
  • Discussing some of the emerging approaches using KYC (know your customer) processes and ecosystems as an example. 


Presentation: The exchange of digital assets as securities

  • Demonstration of digital assets being traded as securities 
  • Looking into the new way that assets are exchanging hands. 
  • An investigation into how regulation is rapidly changing this space. 


Presentation: Keeping the blockchain running for mining

  • Understanding why mining is so important. 
  • Examples of mining pools – who holds the power and what is the backup? 
  • How mining is evolving, from server farms to the palm of your hand. 
  • Myth busting mining: The facts that that you probably don’t know. 


Presentation: When will the crypto industry finally grow up?

  • A look at how digital assets are becoming more and more mainstream. 
  • Why the days of the Wild West are over? 
  • Why the industry needs to grow up and offer users products they understand as well as regulators and partners they are willing to work with. 
  • Why people will never fully understand Bitcoin but understand financial freedom. 


Presentation: Protect your blockchain private keys for every transaction

  • A look at the state of the crypto market. 
  • We look at enterprise-grade software-only key management. 
  • Why we need a safe key protection platform to go mainstream. 


Panel: Decentralised finance vs. Banking

  • What is DeFi? Understanding the decentralised finance landscape.  
  • Experts from banking will explore the new decentralised banking format and how it can work alongside traditional banking. 
  • Exploring regulation and security around tradeable assets and why new security is needed. 
  • How wide could this go and when? 


Crypto & Digital Assets: Chairs Closing Remarks


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