Day 2 - 12 May 2022



Chairperson’s Welcome – An Introduction to Business Innovations In Blockchain



What’s in Store for Enterprise Blockchain in 2022

  • Projects to keep an eye on in in the next 12 months
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – is the technology and the industry able to handle transactions of ownership?
  • Surprise successes and unexpected failures – what are the takeaways from last year?



‘Greenifying’ Blockchain – Overcoming the Stigma

  • Carbon offsetting as an option for blockchain enterprises?
  • Moving to proof-of-stake – the realities of technological infrastructure change  
  • Do the positive externalities and impact outweigh the costs of structural shift? 



Keynote Panel: A Tidal Wave of Disruption – Connecting New Technologies Within a Blockchain Context

  • AI and Blockchain: the complexities of the trade-off between efficiency and functionality 
  • The prosperous partnership of IoT and Blockchain – what does the future look like? 
  • How does 5G compliment blockchain the process of market expansion? 



Smart Contracts and Their Expanding Functionality

  • Understanding the potential of automated protocols  
  • Decisions about Decisions: the process of predetermining conditions within a smart contract 
  • The risks of automation – where can it go wrong? 



Blockchain in Medicare

  • Provenance tracking – allowing consumer trust in an essential but opaque industry
  • How would the introduction of DLT affect competitive pressures in the Big Pharma industry? 
  • Covid19 and the use of blockchain in health crises   


Networking Break



Comparing Public, Private and Permissioned Blockchains

  • Is a public blockchain a purist approach to consensus-based technology?
  • Community vs individual control – what configures best with business interest?
  • Allowing connectivity between stakeholders – what does this mean for enterprise?



No Longer a Bumpy Ride: Innovation for On-Boarding

  • Investing into BaaS – how software can help you on your blockchain journey  
  • What options are out there?  
  • The gaps in the market – what difficulties have yet to be overcome?



Panel: Blockchain and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Which SDG indicators can be worked towards through the use of DLT?  
  • The trade off between investments – on-boarding distributed ledger technology or investing in more traditional tools for social impact
  • Face value – what do stakeholders think of blockchain in the name of social good?



Panel: The Internet of Value: the Next Stage for a Connected World

  • On the Horizon – what IoV innovations will we see in the coming decade? 
  • Are there any pitfalls to the IoV vision? How limited are we by the scalability of current Blockchain projects? 
  • The ‘Underbanked’ – will the Internet of Value prove itself as a solution to lack of financial instrument access?



A New Notion of Ownership

  • Does blockchain enable individuals to have more legal rights over their creations?
  • How can this translate to business patents?
  • Affects on the market – does a capitalist economy require more or less ownership to thrive?


End of Day 2