Day 1

28 November 2018


Blockchain for Business: Chair’s Welcome and Opening Remarks


Keynote – Case Study 1


Panel: Blockchain for the Entertainment Industry

  • How Blockchain technology will take the music, gaming, betting & film industries to a new level
  • How blockchain can prevent piracy
  • Use cases, from eSports and betting to the digital goods marketplace
  • Challenges to overcome for core adoption
  • What is the potential future influence of blockchain within the entertainment industry?


Case Study 2: Blockchain Technology as a Solution for GDPR Compliance


Blockchain Interfaces: Creating Secure, End-to-End Industrial IoT Projects by ‘Blockchainifying’ the System

  • How to bridge the physical/digital gap for blockchain projects
  • Why have Riddle&Code designed their own blockchain hardware
  • How we solve 6 of the fundamental issues of every industrial IoT project
  • How to get business benefits out of a great blockchain platform including soft- AND hardware: transfer of value, smart contracting, digital underwriting and unmatched security


Networking Break


Case Study 4: Blockchain in the Energy Sector


Panel: Cybersecurity and ID management using Blockchain

  • Will blockchain address the fundamental flaws of security by taking away the human factor from the equation?
  • How will blockchain technology work to mitigate cyberattacks in real-time?
  • Discussion of other security uses, making passwords obsolete and increasing the privacy and security of messenger services


Case Study 5


Networking Lunch


Panel: Smart Contract Management & Innovation

  • The evolution of smart contract management to self-execution self-enforcing contracts that greatly reduce costs and risks for individuals and businesses
  • What terms or operational data should smart contracts have to be standardised?
  • Understanding the legal implications of smart contracts
  • Smart contract code encrypted or open ?
  • How to ingest the trigger event to start the engine of the smart contract
  • Understanding the variety of uses of smart contracts from property, m2m, legal


Keynote – Case Study 6


Case Study 7


Networking Break


Case Study 9


Decentralization and the Future of Data Privacy

  • Data privacy and data monetization
  • Using blockchain technology to re-invent the $500bn advertising market.
  • GDPR and recent trends in data privacy
  • Blockchain and future trends of decentralization


Case Study 10


Panel: The Role of Blockchain Within Supply Chain Management

  • How blockchain increases traceability and transparency in the supply chain – benefits for the supplier and customer
  • Reducing or eliminating fraud and errors in the supply chain
  • Case studies – success stories of using blockchain in the supply chain: from meat to wine


Session Close