Day 1 - 4 November 2020



Keynote: How blockchain can help us defend ourselves against world changing events

  • Investigate why it is so important to embrace technological advances with open arms.
  • Re-allocation of resources; How blockchain could have enabled better control of supply and demand.
  • Looking at how blockchain could have prepared for remote working.
  • Lessons learned from a technological perspective on the Coronavirus outbreak



Presentation: How do you determine an enterprise grade blockchain?

  • How to identify the key elements to an enterprise grade blockchain; scalability, modular, standardisation. 
  • Private vs. public – could open source be the true future?  
  • Exploring how to agree on a protocol and technology solutions. 
  • Understanding the process of finding the right solution to fit your business needs. 



Presentation: Reimagining the foundation of commerce with blockchain-based contracting

  • Demonstration of how Icertis is working with leading brands, like Mercedes Benz, to solve real world business challenges. 
  • A look at sustainability across global supply chains. 
  • Exploring how blockchain can speed up insurance settlements. 
  • How blockchain can help to maintain compliance with complex supplier diversity programs. 
  • How blockchain can make true outcome-based pricing a reality. 



Manny Fernandez

Angel Investor | CEO | Founder

CNBC's Make Me A Millionaire Inventor | | SF Angels Group

Associated Talks:

12:15PM - Day 1

View Panel: Investors: Connecting start-ups with enterprise

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Gavin Gillas

Managing Partner

YGC | Yeoman’s Growth Capital

Associated Talks:

12:15PM - Day 1

View Panel: Investors: Connecting start-ups with enterprise

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Panel: Investors: Connecting start-ups with enterprise

  • Investors discuss how to find the right fit between start-ups and enterprise. 
  • How investors and incubator programs foster startups to match fit. 
  • Incubation time scales; Moving through the motions. 
  • Barriers to success: Regulation, scalability and the disparity between current technology and the services enterprises demand. 
  • Exploring why structure is the key to implementing new technology in large scale enterprise. 
. Manny Fernandez, Angel Investor | CEO | Founder, CNBC's Make Me A Millionaire Inventor | | SF Angels Group
. Gavin Gillas, Managing Partner, YGC | Yeoman’s Growth Capital


Networking Break



Keynote: Blockchain for Business 101 – Back to basics

  • Where to start? 
  • What protocol to pick? 
  • Who can help? 



David Hassman

Vice President, Strategy


Associated Talks:

02:05PM - Day 1

View Presentation: Building and hyper-connecting your supply chain blockchain

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Presentation: Building and hyper-connecting your supply chain blockchain

  • Why are blockchains and the supply chain the perfect fit? 
  • Understanding how to move toward to hyperconnected supply chain 
  • Exploring all the emerging technologies required; IoT, AI and 5G.

Pre-Recorded Presentation

. David Hassman, Vice President, Strategy, Syniverse



Presentation: Blockchain; Enabling the Economy of Things.

  • Fostering greater connectivity, trust, communication, and reliability 
  • How to build a trust infrastructure for clients and consumers 
  • Looking at how to create cooperative, decentralised ecosystems 



Presentation: Exploring Blockchain As A Service options

  • Adoption of blockchain is soaring but how can we ensure this new technology is safe? 
  • Rules for implementation. 
  • Securing and growing with your blockchain. 



Presentation: Successful implementation of a blockchain for the consumer

  • How can businesses expand their capabilities with custom blockchain development?  
  • Exploring how the benefits of blockchain can translate to your audience 
  • Looking at how to avoid “blockchain” 



Presentation: An ‘Innovation Sandbox’ success story

  • Real life examples of blockchain working for enterprise. 
  • Looking at how the sandbox environment works. 
  • Exploring forging out new regulations. 



Presentation: Identifying the right solution for your business needs

  • Exploring your key business needs and where blockchain can help 
  • Understanding the characteristics of blockchain that provide business value  
  • Looking at where to start with your POC 

Start-Up Pitch Sessions



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Start-up pitch 3


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