Day 2 - 18 May 2023



Chairpersons Welcome: Blockchain for Business Day 2

Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks. 



Presentation: Competitive Advantage Through Compliance

  • Growing regulations – How to manage businesses operating in multiple geographies?
  • Global compliance and risk infrastructure – what new solutions can we expect in 2023?



Keynote Presentation: At the Intersection of Emerging Technologies – Interlinking Blockchain and AI

  • Why use AI for Blockchain Solutions?  
  • What are the benefits Of Using AI Blockchain?  
  • The idea of a decentralized AI system 
  • Top AI-based Blockchain projects 



Panel: Panel: Building Better – Blockchain Technologies for More Sustainable Business

  • From Start to Finish – responsible resourcing and recycling.  
  • Using blockchain technologies to create positive behaviours in an enterprise.   
  • What can we all be doing to ensure we are using blockchain to optimise sustainable practices? 


Networking Break



Presentation: Innovation in Blockchain Technologies

  • What innovations are on the horizon in 2023?  
  • Solving the multi-faceted dilemma 
  • Continuous spread of DeFi  



Presentation: Smart Contracts

  • Smart contracts for financial accessibility – what are the user benefits of decentralised finance? 
  • How to establish controls that help ensure the security of contracts?  
  • What improvements will we see with DeFi 2.0?  



Presentation: Innovation Slot 5

To follow soon … 



Presentation: Innovation Slot 6

To follow soon … 



Presentation: Tokenised Real Estate

  • What are the benefits of real estate tokenization? 
  • Permanent records – a dystopian future idea in the current world? 


Networking Break



Presentation: Energy Tech – INDUSTRY USE-CASE

  • How to apply decentralised ethos to energy?  
  • Which markets can utilise decentralised energy coordinated by blockchain? (Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), On-Chain Carbon Credits)  
  • Expanding possibilities in the field.  



Panel: Blockchain for Growth

  • A look at enterprise expansion through the lens of blockchain utility.  
  • Macro and Micro initiatives in the blockchain space.  
  • Is there a ceiling to blockchain expansion? 


End of Day