Excellent participation overall and good buzz in the hallway conversations!

Bob Wolpert, CIO, Golden State Foods

Thank you so very much for the opportunity. The more women we can get in these technical fields, the better – you’re doing a great job promoting this technology.

Lisa Butters, General Manager | GoDirect™ Trade (powered by Honeywell)

“I continue to be amazed at how smoothly this event runs—much more so than many smaller events I’ve been to. Hope to see you again next year.

John de Villier, Research Analyst Energy, Navigant Research “

Thank you for putting on such an awesome conference. You and your team do such a great job.

Nathaniel Rand, State Street

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this panel. This is a theme that is under fast innovation and revolution. This time next year should see a step change on its adoption in various sectors and industries. I look forward to participating again to share the update

Sudhir Pai, Chairman, Board of Directors, Technology Collaboration Center

It was a pleasure to be involved!

Scott D. Austin, SVP and Head of Country Americas, Everledger

Great job with the conference! It was a pleasure being there as a speaker!

Stephen Morris | Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions & Global Delivery, Sirius 

I enjoyed the event, and appreciate the organization you put together to make everything go smoothly. See you next year!

Greg Caressi, SVP, Global Business Unit Leader – Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan

Pleasure was all mine. Thanks for having us.

Lance Tyson Associate Partner – IBM Global Business Services

Thanks for organizing this great event!

Victor Fang, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, AnChain.ai