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A look into how and why Warner Bros. Global Brands Franchises are moving towards a Metaverse/Web3 Experience for their fans.  In this presentation, the two brands in-focus will be the DC and Harry Potter Franchises.  How are DC and Harry Potter “Fan”chises taking their fans through an experience they’ve come to grow and love while enhancing them further through experimentation with web3 technology and NFTs?  Warner Bros. Studios, in its 100th year, has been one of the leading Entertainment Studios to helm the use of newer technology to grow the studio entertainment and media business.  Get a first look at what a future metaverse experience may be like from some of the studio’s largest franchises.


Associated Speakers:

Eunice Quezon

Senior Product Strategy Manager

Warner Bros/ AEG Presents

Associated Talks:

04:40PM - Day 1

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