Mr. Chen has been practicing as a corporate and commercial lawyer since admission in New South Wale, Australia, providing legal services including IPO, merger and acquisition, corporate restructure and financial service legal compliance. He has served corporate clients including HK listed company – R&F Properties, ASX listed companies – Jat Energy, and Orient Energy in relation to corporate and asx listing rules advice.

Mr Chen has also held positions in Dahua Australia and Platine Property Group as associate director and legal counsel for three years between 2013 – 2017.With the global attention shifted towards blockchain related industry from traditional financial market, Mr Chen has actively participated into the blockchain related legal compliance with other pioneers, and ultimately founded Australian Cryptocurrency Business Association for the purpose of creating a cross border bridge between Chinese innovative investors and Australian ICO projects and exchanges.

During Mr Chen’s involvement in the blockchain related industry commenced in early 2017, he has provided legal compliance advice for ICO and digital currency exchange including Majex Crypto Exchange, and other exchanges in Australia.In early 2018, Mr Chen co-founded CSJ Legal, a boutique firm fully focused on the corporate and financial matters including regulations for ICO and crypto exchanges in Australia, and CSJ Legal, as a member of Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA), is also actively involved in the ICO working group with pioneers of other ADCA members and the government bodies for the purpose of creating a healthier financial environment by advising on security tokens and its issue in Australia.