Sunayna Tuteja is the Head of Digital Assets and Blockchain at TD Ameritrade. With more than ten years of diverse global experience, she has a proven record for building new ventures from scratch and leading the kind of change that is critical in shaping the future of business. In her current role, Sunayna is responsible for building a scalable blockchain and crypto practice within TD Ameritrade. This rapidly growing practice is inclusive of partnerships, investments and products to harness the growing power of blockchain technology.

Prior to this position, Sunayna led an entrepreneurial “tiger team” at TD Ameritrade to build the next generation of products, experiences and business models needed to break down barriers to investing and engage more people on the platforms they use every day. Her team was responsible for delivering industry-first partnerships and products with cutting-edge startups and leading global technology companies including Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tencent.

A life-long learner, Sunayna is working on her Juris Doctorate at Stanford Law with a focus on the impact and influence of disruptive technologies, and the future of jurisprudence. Through partnering with the Stanford Innovation Lab, she works closely with the start-up and VC communities helping to advance public and corporate innovation. Outside of work and school, you can find Sunayna adventuring the skies in her Cessna.