DIGITAL EXECUTIVE/PRODUCT BUILDER who thinks digitally and differently to relentlessly simplify customer and employee experiences. Track record for reimagining and delivering the future of banking to transform customer experiences, increase revenues, drive operational efficiencies and reduce operational risk. Recipient of Citi’s 2015 CEO “Innovation Catalyst” progress award on digital transformation in banking that was awarded by Mike Corbat, former CEO of Citibank

CRYPTO/DE-FI/BLOCKCHAIN/DIGITAL ASSET: Deep understanding of digital assets including crypto, storage of keys (hot, warm, and cold wallets), custody, trading, crypto exchanges, licensing and regulation, insurance, tokenization, and MakerDAO. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional.

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY: Developed the vision, strategy, and execution of the “Easy Connect” digital banking platform for Wells Fargo that supports customer onboarding, treasury/credit products onboarding, and servicing journeys for our customers. Reduced customer onboarding cycle times by 73% with KYC for corporate customers within 2 days.

DIGITALIZATION: Designed and implemented the “Citi Gateway” online banking & mobile platform for Citi Commercial bank for digitizing end to end journeys for treasury and credit products. This platform enables 70+% of commercial banking customers to be onboarded across US, Asia Pacific, Europe and Mexico.

HYPER AUTOMATION. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Implemented RPA technology to transform operations through software bots that perform about 1.2MM transactions annually resulting in savings of 30,000 hrs. of manual work. Automated credit spread process by leveraging microservices and AI technologies that increased the spread accuracy to 99.99% with annual cost saves of $51MM.

DATA & ANALYTICS: Implemented 720 views for customers and employees across legal hierarchy, products, transactions, and accounts.

PEOPLE TRANSFORMATION: Transformed “ways of working” by structuring enterprise teams around client outcomes and journeys rather than projects which puts customers at the center of everything we do.

LEADERSHIP & CULTURE: Infused forward compatibility culture within the organization that fosters empathy, curiosity, growth mindset, and service culture by investing in diverse and inclusive human capital.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Featured in American Banker, and Celent for re-imagining banking experiences for Wells Fargo. Featured as transformational CIO and change catalyst by Kin & Carta