Natalia Karayaneva is CEO and founder of Propy, Inc., that raised $15.5 during the token sale, expert in token sales, ICO legislation, real estate, token economy for physical assets. She spoke at numerous Blockchain events in Silicon Valley and Europe. Propy is a startup that uses Ethereum blockchain technology in its system for reliably and cost-effectively automating the entire process of sales, transfer, and records management for global real-estate transactions. By means of a real-time blockchain-based ledger, Propy enables government land registries, title companies, title insurers, and other agencies to securely issue and preserve title deeds and other real-estate records data for transactions that can happen anywhere in the world. The system also facilitates cross-border payments; assists buyers and sellers with paperwork; helps users find same-language brokers; and can search and filter for such things as walkability, pollution, green-building certifications, price, and square footage. Karayaneva is a managing owner of real estate development firm MP Group Ltd, an alumna of the University of Oxford, software engineer, and an expert in sustainable urban development. She founded her first company at the age of 19.