Jon Chorley is Group Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle’s Supply Chain Management Applications and leads the team responsible for driving the business requirements and product roadmaps for these applications. These solutions include product lifecycle management (for which area Mr. Chorley also heads development, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, asset lifecycle management, value chain planning and order fulfillment.
Mr. Chorley is also the Chief Sustainability Officer for Oracle Corporation. In this role, Jon drives and coordinates all initiatives, both internal and external, related to environmental sustainability. This responsibility covers all areas from IT infrastructure, business operation, and corporate reporting and risk management. Oracle is committed to developing practices and products that help protect the environment.
Mr. Chorley has more 30 years experience in the software industry in a broad set of roles including sales, implementation and development. Mr. Chorley has been with Oracle for 18 years. Prior to his current role he was responsible for the development of Oracle’s supply chain logistics applications.

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