Hob Khadka is the Founder & CEO of XcelTrip , XcelPay & XcelToken. Hob is a well known Bitcoin evangelist, serial entrepreneur, an inspiring venture capitalist and game changer for blockchain startups in Silicon Valley and Worldwide. Hob’s passion is to remain self-funded and he has developped 3 powerful blockchain startup which is no ICOs and still self-funded and fully functional.

Hob has built XcelTrip, a decentralized travel platform and it is fully functional. XcelTrip accepts its own utility token XcelToken, Bitcoin and Ethereum for hotel booking worldwide. Blockchain enthusiasts can book hotel using major crypto currency at www.xceltrip.com. Hob has also built another blockchain startup which is XcelPay, a crypto merchant payment POS device which has already started distribution of its merchant POS worldwide. XcelPay can be checked out at www.xcelpay.io , Hob Khadka is the vision behind XcelToken, a utility token created to fuel in xceltrip and xcelpay platform to increase the utility within the ecosystem. Check out XcelToken website at www.xceltoken.com.

Hob has founded and served as the CEO for Multi-million dollar companies and has over-15-years of  successful career spanning Business Management, Strategy, Innovation and Investment Management in the United States, Europe and Asia.

As a passionate Venture Capitalist – Hob has invested in more than 23 blockchain & AI startups globally, building an exciting ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs around the world.

Hob is admired around the world for his candor, integrity and innovative mindset and he actively devotes his time in teaching, educating youth on the above topics.

Hob is now on a mission to create a ‘one of a kind’  decentralized  ecosystem that will change travel and hospitality landscape around the world.

The passion to help people succeed, never-say-die attitude, incredible work ethic and boundless optimism are the talents Hob uses to inspire leaders worldwide. We welcome you to tune into Hob’s global perspective and subscribe to his proven ideas and systems that can help you excel to the top!