Jacobsen is a veteran fintech professional with 35 years of experience in executive management, operations, product development, sales, marketing, including accounting and financial expertise. He has been recognized for his exceptional achievements, including American Express’s Premier Award ‘The Chairman’s Award for Quality’ and the Paybefore™ ‘Award for Best Government-Funded Program’ for the BenefitsDirect Platform. Jacobsen has focused expertise in developing disruptive and award-winning fintech platforms, products, and services.

His background includes a 10-year tenure at American Express, where his work resulted in several patents in the US, Canada and internationally; Jacobsen is also the co-inventor of TicketTRAX for American Express. Following that, he served in executive leadership roles for Total Systems Services (TSYS) and Prepaid Resources, where he led several cross-functional teams responsible for card platform functionality management, new prepaid card products, and processing component development through issuing banks and card program sponsors and marketers for clients such as Walmart, RushCard, MoneyGram and Green Dot.

Jacobsen serves as Founder and President of MET Solutions LLC, and currently serves as Board Member and Advisor for Blocksafe Holdings Inc and Quipu. Jacobsen is also Acting President/COO for Trefoil Technology (Prepaid Resources). Jacobsen earned his bachelor’s from Rutgers University (Accounting and Finance) and attended The Wharton School in a special executive management class program sponsored by American Express. Jacobsen has met the mandate for accountant licensure in the State of NJ and completed Six Sigma Green Belt classes.

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