A result driven leader with a track record of successful management and entrepreneurship, DJ has the tenacity and skills to develop the vision of any company he founds or manages. With extensive knowledge of the digital financial & economic landscape, he is able to push performance and innovate whilst delivering growth. Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience he ensures that clear objectives and results are being delivered to improve on the quality of the crypto finance sector and open new paths in the Defi world.

DJ’s journey in the blockchain industry started in 2013, leading to the foundation of BitSE – one of the first companies to activate in blockchain technology research and development. QTUM and VeChain are two of the high impact projects created by BitSE and denominated as “ahead of their time” by various publications.

In 2017, DJ shifted his attention and efforts towards unlocking and exploring the future of digital finance. Thus, Fusion was born as one of the first movers in the DeFi space, coining the term “crypto finance” in its whitepaper released in early 2018.

Fusion aims to put into motion an interoperable and decentralized universe for the internet of value so that financial institutions as well as private businesses can extract and trade the time value of assets cross-chain and cross-system using Fusion’s unique tech: the Fusion blockchain, trust free distributed custody, time locking (Aka time framing or time-slicing), and quantum swaps.

Chainge Finance is DJ’s latest initiative and its main goal revolves around full financial independency and decentralization. Powered by Fusion DCRM technology, this one of a kind digital finance app engulfs all of the features that users need in order to become their own digital bank and rid themselves of tedious traditional financial processes. From stealth cross chain transactions, escrow smart contracts & decentralized trading in the Future DEX and Options DEX, Chainge’s automated financial services are now available through a pristine, smooth mobile app UX interface. 

Chainge Finance has recently become the leader in the cross-chain/ interoperability sector and stands as the most liquid cross-chain aggregated DEX on the market with 70bn+ in aggregated liquidity. DJ spends most of his time overseeing and working on its development.