I was tapped to create the International Data Governance organization. We are a Center of Excellence starting and mentoring the Walmart markets across the globe. This consists of advising upper management on how to start up their governance programs, creating strategies to bring the markets into compliance with policies and standards, measuring the value of DG, and evaluating and monitoring the markets. I am a member of internal CV and AI ethics and privacy boards. The International business has more stores than the US and roughly $118 Billion in sales.

I am also the horizontal lead for Data for divestitures. I ensure that the owners of the data (Walmart and then the new company) control during the transition. This includes leading the transfer of data to the new companies in a secure manner. The new companies also need assistance in understanding how to process the data to integrate it into their new applications and processes.

My strengths include talent management, managing programs and assets, cracking technology strategy dilemmas, leading and mentoring technical teams, and building cultures of operational excellence.