Stand No: 709

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of our daily lives and changing the way we do business. However, industrial AI remains a huge, underserved market. Industrial customers urgently need practical, accurate AI solutions that correspond to specific business needs, while many of these needs are indeed similar across a single industry or multiple industries, with examples such as defect detection, visual inspection and predictive maintenance etc.

VisionX establishes a vision of “X”, providing a sustainable and incentive-driven blockchain based ecosystem that serves as a bridge between companies worldwide to boost the best AI and data solutions across each individual industry, multiple industries and with personalized solutions for each customer. The tokenized incentive system of VisionX will includes both token incentives and a unique sharing of future related payments to incentivized ecosystem contributors according to the real value of their contributions. Contributions such as quality data, cleansing, annotation, data relevancy discovery, AI dataset building, AI solution building and AI solution sales will all be incentivized through token incentive distribution and recorded on the blockchain. Leveraging on this ecosystem, companies and organizations can collaborate on AI solutions that address common needs and while obtaining customizable solutions for their own specific use cases.