Stand No: 626

We are an identity blockchain platform creating global trust platform for instant identity sharing by KYC (Know your customer) and compliance process automation for institutions like banks, Telecom, Money exchanges, and Insurance. We create an end to end en-ability for consumers, so they don’t suffer the burden of repetitive KYC processes across multiple platforms. In other words, our system is a Google sign-up for Verified identity, which can be plugged in and played with easily with any digital platform.  At the same time, the institutions don’t need to repeat the back end regulatory compliances because of our three-way handshake mechanism (IP). Save money, time, resources and bring ease of life to the entire digital landscape. We are building syndicate banks, telecoms, and other digital platforms across 3 major geographies US, India, and UAE. Engaged with 22+ banks, 5+ telecoms, and other key global digital platforms to evoke multiple use cases.