Stand No: 492

SONM is a universal fog supercomputer – ethereum-based network for globally distributed computing power.

The purpose of the SONM project is to provide a safe and cost efficient way to run general purpose computing workloads from game servers to scientific calculations using a free market place.

SONM is a decentralized, worldwide, fog supercomputer intended for general computing purposes that range from site hosting to scientific calculations. SONM has an internal marketplace for computing powers. Because it uses fog computing, (i.e., a decentralized pool of devices, all of which are connected to the IoT), it can deal with deterministic as well as non-deterministic tasks, and offers a more affordable platform than currently offered by centralized cloud services. SONM is trying to decentralize cloud services.  To  that end, SONM, will have to complete some fundamental tasks:

Adoption of center-oriented algorithms, as well as other approaches for the development of a decentralized architecture;

Generation of an economic incentive for fair use of the platform;

Unification of the requirements and vision for cloud resources between the different distinct use cases.

SONM takes advantage of unused personal and network computing resources, thereby using a much cheaper infrastructure for cloud-like tasks. SONM therefore offers a cost-effective solution.

SONM is built around several peer-to-peer platforms, on smart contracts, and integrates other cloud technologies and approaches; including Dapps, IaaS, and PaaS.

Currently, the team consists of four departments: Node (core), Smart-contracts, Wallet (client) and the Distributed Entity and Integration Department, each working according to the agile system.