Smart Mimic
Stand No: 626

Portable security devices and platform that provides immediate security solutions while understanding and adapting customer needs.


Mimic collects various customer data and provides it to insurance companies in order them to increase their customer engagement and to create tailored insurance policies. Mimic unlocks real time insurance opportunity for insurance companies. Mimic provides multiple security solutions with its powerful alarm and various sensors in one small portable device. Devices can connect to internet from 190+ countries.


Noyan Berker, Mechatronics Engineer, 6 years of business experience.

Serdar Serttop, Electronic Engineer, 6 years of business experience.


Smart Mimic has 3 products. They are serving for multiple purposes. Mimic Plus has accelerator, gyro, temperature, human motion detector, harmful gases sensor and A-GPS. It also has colorful light (100 lumen) and powerful alarm (120dB). It can connect to internet and lasts up to 3 months battery life with one charge. Mimic has an unique underlying technology to learn from its users and adapt with machine learning. Most common Mimic skills are home security, travel security ( belonging and area security) and smart bike light and alarm.