SimplyVital Health
Stand No: 219

Healthcare-grade Decentralization

Combining a blockchain protocol and smart contracts with secure decentralized data storage, we are building an industry-adoptable, community-driven system to enable value-based care.

Our practical first step, though, is our revenue generating platform, ConnectingCare. Healthcare is moving toward value based care, which ties payment to outcomes. In the US alone it is estimated that this market will surpass $300 billion in 2018. Providers will need to work together like they never have before. That is why ConnectingCare utilizes blockchain to create an immutable audit trail. The possibilities for blockchain in healthcare, however, expand well beyond value based care.

With Health Nexus we aim to create a decentralized, open, and fully-compliant system where healthcare providers globally can collaborate with each other to manage the outcomes of their patients.

Health Nexus will enable a decentralized and secure exchange of information, improve cross-provider care, and enable an open environment where application providers can build tomorrow’s healthcare applications.