Stand No: 309

Incubated at the University of Notre Dame, SIMBA Chain allows customers to deploy blockchain applications without spending substantial resources to begin building. Customers can save up to $1 million dollars in upfront costs using SIMBA Blocks.

SIMBA Blocks is an intuitive, low-code platform to simplify building on the blockchain. On the front end, SIMBA Blocks auto-generates REST APIs that connect to smart contracts. Behind these scenes, these APIs are capable of communicating with different blockchain protocols – private, public or hybrid chains. When
developers call these REST APIs, SIMBA Blocks seamlessly converts them to blockchain transactions. Load Balancing actively manages network congestion, distributing traffic across multiple nodes to ensure transactions never fail. SIMBA Blocks also monitors blockchain updates, allowing users to configure applications in response to change.

No matter your industry, SIMBA Blocks helps streamline the creation and maintenance of robust decentralized applications. These solutions leverage SIMBA’s fast, simple, and scalable Web3 infrastructure, saving you time and money.