Shopin is uniting the open ecommerce web and retail into a distributed Amazon, connected by a universal shopper profile and incentive token.

We give shoppers the ability to manage and share their web-wide purchase history and verified shopping preferences with any retailer, resulting in more relevant product recommendations, which has proven to significantly increase transaction conversion up to 22%.

By being the only solution that has a full view of the shopper based on their purchases at all retailers across the web, we can provide the most personal shopping experience on each retail site and eliminate the pain of search. You don’t find the products… the products find you.

It’s a single shopper profile that allows retailers to get the full view of the consumer across all retailers, whilst giving shoppers control of their data and Amazon-like benefits across the web such as accurate recommendations, centralized shipping tracking and order management

Shopin is the winner of CoinAgenda 2017 and placed in the Top 5 at the d10e ICO pitch competition.