Second State
Stand No: Crypto Village

Raising $3M at A $12M+ Valuation, Blockchain tech company Second State provides solutions for Businesses


Blockchain business solution provide raised fund from veteran VC fund SIG, JBoss creator Dr. Marc Fluery and mostly recently, ETC Labs.


Founded February this year, the Second State company provides software subscription services for businesses to incorporate blockchain technologies into their operations. The Second State branded software is based on a full stack of open source and proprietary software including blockchain infrastructure, virtual machine, developer tools, deployment and management tools, customer facing applications, and SDKs. Second State engages the open source developer community to develop and promote the software stack, and then curate turnkey solutions for specific industries. It’s subscription-based service offerings include software support and updates, production deployment and management, training, and ecosystem management.


Second State provides turn-key blockchain and smart contract solutions for businesses. Second State blockchains are programmable by its enterprise customers, optimized for business use cases, and completely open source. They are supported by commercial service agreements.