Pruf Protocol
Stand No: 90

For Digital Goods and Media
The decentralized, DAO governed PRüF protocol solves authenticity, provenance, data permanence, and branding for physical and digital assets. With PRüF, NFT or asset tokenization projects can be up and running in minutes instead of months — with audited code, permanent storage, and provable, branded provenance.
Legacy tokens must have their contracts audited by a qualified team of experts to understand their actual on-chain guarantees and value. In contrast, the PRüF contract infrastructure is quantified; all tokens minted with a PRüF node are compliant within a fixed set of guarantees, and backwards compatible to ERC721.

Verified Nodes
Nodes are tied on-chain to brand presences, domains, or other brand assets. Minted assets are verifiably authentic and irrevocably linked to the node/brand that minted them. Using PRüF Nodes, companies control their blockchain presence and participate in community governance. With each asset linked to its minting Node, collectors, users, and industry professionals can ensure that products and creations tokenized with PRüF are provably sourced from genuine brands.

Feature-rich, Tokenized, Real-world Assets
Acting as a “title” to everyday goods or virtual property, PRüF tokenized assets allow the protections of title to extend to all your valuables. PRüF Private-Provenance allows rights holders to securely hold, transfer, sell and collateralize their possessions without opening their lives to scrutiny.

Existing Systems Facilitate the Resale of Stolen Goods. PRüF makes P2P commerce secure and disincentivizes bad actors.
Buyers or resellers of used goods are often put in the awkward and difficult position of trying to decide if an item they wish to buy was legitimately obtained by the person selling it. PRüF Secure-Transfer allows a buyer to be sure that the person in front of them is the actual owner of an item being offered as collateral or for sale. Using Secure-Transfer protects both the buyer and seller by documenting the release of rights to the item, as well as the (optional) immediate transfer of rights on the blockchain to the buyer. PRüF Private-Provenance makes it very difficult to sell a stolen or lost item because a free cursory search on any PRüF portal can indicate that the item was reported as lost stolen by the owner.

PRüF Gets Your Stuff Back
With the planned PRüF-boomerang service, lost or stolen items can be marked with a reward for return, and authorized boomerang agents would be incentivized to get items back into the hands of owners. By aligning incentives across the board, PRüF makes ownership more secure and worry-free.