Stand No: 516

Ponder is a mobile game for playing matchmaker where you can win real money for making successful matches. Ponder decentralizes matchmaking, allowing anybody to play matchmaker for their friends and a community of singles.

Users drag and drop photos of singles that they think could be a good match based on their profile info. For every successful match a matchmaker earns $10, and $1000 if they eventually marry. Singles receive a curated stream of quality dates suggested by friends and a community of matchmakers. The beta product currently has 70k registered users with high levels of engagement from both singles and matchmakers.

Ponder solves the problem of meeting new compatible people. Current online platforms don’t work well. Less than 1 in 4 online daters find a relationship, 7 times more time is spent online than going on dates, and 42% of women report being harassed. A blockchain-based decentralized matchmaking platform can be a more secure and effective solution.

Ponder will later be extended to other forms of social connection eg. matchmaking for friendships, business, and interests. Ultimately, the vision is for a decentralized platform that creates new connections between people in a fun and mutually rewarding manner.