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OTOY Inc. is the definitive cloud graphics company, pioneering technology that is redefining content creation and delivery for media and entertainment organizations around the world. OTOY’s Academy Award®-winning technology is used by leading visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and engineers, providing unprecedented creative freedom, new levels of realism, and new economics in content creation and distribution powered by the cloud. It is backed by industry leaders AutoDesk, HBO, Discovery, Liberty Media, WME/IMG, and Disney. Seven years ago, OTOY filed a patent on a simple premise: next-generation holographic media will require millions of GPUs in the world to be connected on an open network. In 2017, OTOY launched The Render Token (RNDR) creating the first network to transform the power of GPU compute into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets. RNDR aims to make it possible for any 3D object or environment to be authored, shared, and monetized through the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

From smartphones to 8K televisions to the latest augmented and virtual reality devices, our visual world is evolving at breakneck speed. The RNDR token is powered by breakthrough cloud rendering technology, creating the first distributed global network of millions of GPU’s to keep pace with the intensive compute demands of next-generation holographic media.