Stand No: 634

Creating accessible, performance-driven solutions for the blockchain ecosystem.

With a diverse, yet focused area of expertise, KRAMBU develops three core technologies: blockchain data centers, blockchain hardware, and blockchain software.

With decades of technical expertise, KRAMBU has been involved in the cryptocurrency space from the beginning. From running the largest Bitcoin mining operation in the world to building software solutions utilized by Fortune 100 companies, our team has a proven track record of technical proficiency and experience.

Our hardware expertise is derived from a long history of consulting and servicing the world’s leading hardware manufacturers. This includes top technology clients such as Intel, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, Siemens, etc.

Our software expertise comes from building software solutions utilized by Fortune 100 companies such as Apple, Google, NASA, etc, and deploying software products to countless users worldwide.

Our team has experience in cryptocurrency mining, and previously operated the largest independently owned Bitcoin mine in the world from 2010-2012. As the altcoin industry flourished and ASIC hardware manufacturing consolidated the market, we pivoted to specializing in the more adaptable GPU mining industry.

As the blockchain world continues to evolve, we are constantly innovating our hardware to stay at the cutting edge of this rapidly evolving industry.