Stand No: 525

ICON is creating a blockchain ecosystem that has already begun to hyperconnect the world.

From the start, ICON has focused on real world applicability. Individual blockchain communities – both public and private – are isolated because there is no mechanism to communicate in a meaningful way among them. ICON simplifies data transfer and payments, making blockchain technology something that any organization can use.

To do this, ICON connects independent blockchains with different governances, allowing them to transact in real time, rather than needing to rely on exchanges.

At the same time, ICON aims for a decentralized governance. When a blockchain connects to ICON it retains its own, independent governance, but it can also participate in making decisions for ICON through proportional representation.

Four consortiums covering securities, education, healthcare, and insurance, have already started using the technology to automate and smooth transactions. ICON is one of the largest blockchain networks in the world.