Stand No: 697

The future is project-based. That’s why the world needs more do-ers that will shape the world of tomorrow. This is where Holoflake steps in. Holoflake is a platform that gives you the unique opportunity to monetize your story, and at the same time develop your creative potential and complex problem-solving skills.

By using Holoflake, you can start your own project, find team mates, collaborate with others and even get ideas for pursuing your passion. Your completed projects are connected to your business card that you can send to anyone as a real proof of work. At the same time, you receive feedback from the community in order to improve your project. It’s the ultimate platform for all modern nomads that strive to earn and at the same time benefit the society that surrounds them.

Grow your network and act in order to create. The more you do, the more you affect the world that surrounds you. And the more active you are, the more you earn as Holoflake rewards the most active users on a monthly basis. Holoflake encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, live your life to the fullest and leave an impact on society.