Stand No: 526

RadJav is a software development platform and decentralized datacenter. The goal of Radjav is to simplify software development and how software is deployed. In the current software development environment, multiple developers are needed that have completely different skillsets. Rather than these developers having to work around each other, developers could all have the same skillset by using RadJav. This would help with their workflow as well since they would no longer have to work around each other, they can work together fluidly. With RadJav developers will be able to create nearly any kind of app, server, game, smart contract, or dapp they want. Currently with the version of RadJav that’s online today, developers can create apps and use the decentralized ledger. Eventually with RadJav’s decentralized datacenter, developers will be able to create server-side apps that scale when necessary, cutting down on the amount of IT that’s needed for hosting their own servers, while adding a layer of security.

Find out more at radjav.com.