Stand No: 448

HealthSplash, Inc. is a revolutionary platform that brings fast, efficient healthcare to the palm of your hand. It’s designed for building an effective road infrastructure between all patients, providers, servicers, and payors in the healthcare industry as well as creating a place for valuable interactions and transactions to take place between those four entities. The platform exists to cure the regulatory inefficiencies that slow down the entire healthcare system today, which makes the healthcare marketplace a confusing, non-transparent, and slow-moving space. HealthSplash’s technology helps patients take an active role in managing their health and wellness and gives them a friction-free experience inside the healthcare system. Our platform connects the patient with quality care options and provides them with a network of leading providers at their fingertips.

HealthSplash’s goal with its revolutionary technology platform is to remove roadblocks for all cornerstones (patient, provider, servicer, and payor) of the healthcare industry. Through disruption of the current processes plaguing speed and transparency, HealthSplash utilizes automation through the creation of smart contracts and an immutable web of trust to make the processes more friction-free. HealthSplash’s innovation brings healthcare its first open platform to give control back to the community by providing tools for automated developments in efficiency, compliance, and many other highly regulated processes as the community builds them.

HealthSplash’s vision on a grander scale is to ultimately create a world free from the suffering of preventable diseases. In order for this vision to be realized, there must be a monumental shift from reactive care to proactive care in the healthcare industry. If our healthcare system could proactively detect and prevent disease before someone gets sick, then it would be feasible to one day imagine a world free from preventable diseases completely. Unfortunately, in today’s medical landscape, fragmentation and disconnected communication between healthcare entities is too massive to overcome and transform reactive care to proactive care on a major scale. Fortunately, with the right innovations paired with the technology already available to monitor specific health indicators, HealthSplash’s model for empowering the community to automate reactive care and making it more efficient can be the same model that launches us into the next era of healthcare: a healthcare focused on prevention.