Stand No: 453

FUERGY is designed to be the cornerstone of the new energy ecosystem, through the unique hardware device, AI-powered software and the blockchain technology. The goal is to build an ecosystem that will consist of an unlimited number of nodes — market participants, where electricity will be produced and consumed more efficiently.

FUERGY device owners can create a virtual community regardless of distance to achieve energy balance thanks to the AI-powered surplus energy trading. Every consumer of energy is a potential customer, including those who already utilize renewable energy, as well as those who plan to begin producing green power. They can efficiently generate electricity for either their own consumption, store it, share it or to sell it back to the market.

FUERGY ecosystem can be built and operated on a current distribution infrastructure. There is no need to build new distribution grids because it will become easier and more effective to use existing ones. By maximizing energy efficiency for each entity, financial efficiency will be achieved, which is the key to the most rapid growth of renewables. This ecosystem will no longer create negative externalities and will be fair and profitable to all relevant participants at all levels.