The “Golden Triangle Concept”, the ELLU-Chain, a revolutionary Affiliate Program and the unique Unicorn Compass would work in tandem to help ELLUFA achieve its objective of building a strong and vibrant community. This would enable us to fully realize the potential of Big Data to build a comprehensive, self-sustaining and self-perpetuating ecosystem that enables its stakeholders to reap rewards whilst creating value, making everyone a winner!

Through ELLUFA’s proven and tested performance-based PIS (Passive Income Solution) Affiliate marketing system, we get to build up our big data and ensure that our partners are fairly rewarded in the process.

Activities in ELLUFA ensures stable and increasing demand for the digital currency (Utility Token) within the eco-system, which would lead to increased market value, and this in turn Creates Wealth for the token holder.

To ensure fairness and transparency, ELLUFA utilizes blockchain-based Smart Contracts to create a truly decentralised economic system where there is a level playing field for all.

Within this eco-system, organic growth in the demand and supply creates and perpetuates a healthy, sustainable cycle.