Elastos Foundation
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Elastos is the world’s first Internet operating system focusing on re-decentralizing Internet with blockchain to secure identity. Utilizing the Internet as the base-layer infrastructure rather than as an application, the Elastos approach emphasizes that network communications should be separated from application computing, and prohibits apps from direct access to the network to prevent viruses and other malicious attacks such as DDoS.

Elastos is an open source system with over 4 million lines of original source code, and has received significant investment from the Foxconn Group, NEO, and other industry giants for its R&D. Supporting programming in C/C++, Java, and HTML/JS, Elastos facilitates the new generation of universal apps running anywhere, including AR/VR headsets, IoT gateways, PCs, and cloud servers.

In summary, Elastos focuses on a new internet that is secure, credible, and smart. Apps cannot connect directly to the foundational internet layer or endanger it in any way. Blockchain disruption of third parties enables transparency for apps, IoT participants, and IP. Lastly, this blockchain-powered internet creates a smart economy enabling data rights and secured through ELA token & Bitcoin merge mining.